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Pueo Insight Application Programming Interface (API) version 0.1 BETA

About the API / FAQ

What is Insight API?

For organizations that use Insight as a data lookup tool and want to automate the library content refresh on Insight, Insight API brings a simple solution.

Simply connect your application to the API, and set it up for seeding data automatically to Insight on a recurring basis.

How do I access it?

Everyone with an Insight account already has access to this API.

Go to your profile settings while logged in to Insight and grab your API key.

How do I connect my system to Insight?

Insight gives you an API. You will need to write code to act as a service worker between your system and Insight.

You can test the Insight API using your API key on our documentation sandbox or via PostMan, per your preference.

I'm not seeing any data on the Insight API

Please check if you have correctly used your account’s API key and verify if there is data in your account for the API to fetch, namely libraries with data.

If you’re still facing issues, please write to us here.

Important Links

Insight API documentation and sandbox

Insight portal for account management

Insight product page

Feedback and Issue reporting


Pueo Insight API is currently available free of cost. Pricing changes, if any, will be intimidated to users on the Pueo website.