FAQ / Tips and Tricks for using Insight Chrome extensions

Pueo Insights is continuously improving. We appreciate your feedback and present you with the following tips and tricks to get the best experience

I registered, installed the app, and subscribed to libraries but in Chrome it does nothing. What’s wrong?

In addition to all of the above, one of the most common oversights is that users forget to sign in to the Chrome extension by clicking on it and entering your login credentials.

INSIGHT READER may also not work automatically on first install, because it is OFF by default. You can turn it ON or get one-time insight by clicking on “Give me INSIGHT”

Sometimes INSIGHT doesn’t render popups properly or disrupts my web page. Is there a way to fix this?

Across the world wide web there are literally millions of site structures for which INSIGHT has to “play nice.”  We have built in universal solutions, but it is impossible to account for each and every site.

As such, INSIGHT Reader defaults to “Disabled” and you will have to select “Give Me INSIGHT” on the Chrome INSIGHT icon for INSIGHT to operate in this instance and on this page only.  You may enable INSIGHT to run continuously, but you might experience browsing hiccups.

When I subscribe to a library, why don’t I get updates when the library is modified?

Make sure you clicked on “Subscribe” and not “Copy to My Libraries”.

“Copy to My Libraries” creates a copy of the library under your account that you can freely edit and use.

“Subscribe” links the original library to your account, providing you with updates from the author. You cannot edit a subscribed library because it still belongs to the original author.

What’s the purpose of the “search terms” field?

The search terms field is a collection of keywords that will tell INSIGHT when to render information regarding a subject. For instance, if a record has the search terms “Trump” and “President”, then both of the following sentences will tell INSIGHT to render that record: “Today the president flew to China” and “Trump’s advisors met”.

What happens if I have more than one record with the same name?

INSIGHT will return multiple records as options, displaying its library title and “record title” field for you to choose the record you want to see.  For this reason, it is important to apply the “record title” field with as much detail necessary to help you choose the right record.

Why doesn’t INSIGHT work on Facebook?

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to design INSIGHT to operate on certain social media sites.  We are actively tackling these challenges and hope to provide an update soon.

Why does my text disappear as soon as I start writing on Gmail?

The extension takes 1 second to initialize when you start writing. So when you press the first enter, please allow 1 second before pressing subsequent enters.

Can I use INSIGHT for business purposes?

Absolutely.  You just can’t sell INSIGHT.

Can you get INSIGHT onto our private network and engineer feeds to our private databases?

Absolutely – we’d love to help you realize INSIGHT’s full business value to support your mission.

Can INSIGHT receive data automatically from other sources, such as my Google contacts?

INSIGHT supports the ability to automatically ingest your Google contacts. After logging in, click the “Setup Google Contacts” icon.

We are continuously improving the ways in which INSIGHT can automatically ingest information. If you are a developer, you should view our API Docs to see how you can build INSIGHTful solutions for yourself or your organization.

What other features can we expect?

We are particularly excited about some of the features we will be releasing soon.  Cross Correlation will identify relationships between multiple records on your page (e.g. John and Sally both graduated from the Air Force Academy).  User Algorithms will identify and warn based upon user-defined functions (e.g. John’s birthday is in a week). Stay tuned for more soon.