Building enduring business capability – through innovation, education, and expertise.


We offer various services to help take your business to the next level.

Artificial Intel / Machine Learning

Business Intelligence

Cyber + Physical Security

IT Support

How We Do It

Pueo is committed to delivering differentiating customer value through innovation, education, and expertise. We do so, by integrating the following principles into each of our engagements.

Provide immediately-available, innovative technologies to advance mission Day 1 through PoP End.

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Guide customer completion of targeted learning opportunities to assume and sustain operations.

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Offer only the best experts who hold the right credentials AND the relevant experiences for success.

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Our portfolio of innovative Day-1 tools allows us to deliver immediate value while helping our customers better understand their technology needs, without additional costs, licenses, or system accreditation dependencies.

Our Pueo Academy guides customers through a targeted learning experience, building customer-resident capability for vendor independence.  Our unrivaled compensation package, employee-development programs, and social-career experience fuel Pueo’s talent management… if we can’t offer the best experts, we won’t pursue an effort.

Contracting with Pueo

An Indian Incentive Program, Small-Disadvantaged Business, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, 8(a), and HUB Zone Programs Participant, we help Federal and DoD agencies achieve their socio-economic contracting goals.

However, our value does not lie in our designations – rather, we view our designations ONLY relevant as efficient contractual means for us to deliver overwhelming value to our customers.

Pueo is an IT70 GSA Schedule member, allowing for greater customer accessibility.

Our functions span the following NAICS categories: 518210, 541330, 541430, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541611, 541612, 541613, 541614, 541618, 541690, 541820, 541990, 561311, 561312, 561499, 561621, 561990, 611430, 611710, 928110, 928120.

Did you know that through DoD's Indian Incentive Program, prime contractors who sub-contract work to Pueo (a native Hawaiian owned company) can earn a 5% rebate on all DoD work sub-contracted to Pueo?

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