Building enduring business capability – through innovation, education, and expertise.


We offer various services to help take your business to the next level

Business Intelligence

Because we must make the most of our limited resources and our taxpayers demand fiscal responsibility.

Risk Management

So we can handle events before they occur vs after a smoking gun.

Strategic Management

Because our world is changing and our national security cannot afford disparate or disconnected efforts.

Process Management

Because 3 days, 3 hours, or 3 minutes means the world of difference to our warfighters.

Acquisition Planning

Because our warfighter can't wait for the tools and support needed today.

Business Case Analysis

Because ill-conceived action can have disastrous consequences.

IT Infrastructure Management

Because new technology must be operationalized to maximize mission impact.

IT Asset Management

Because we must squeeze every penny of enabling resources to free up mission resources.

Insider Threat

To stop our enemies who seek to do us harm - foreign and domestic

Who We Are

Founded by a select team of Veterans, government executives, academic professors, and business leaders, we bring decades of deep and broad experiences to meet challenging mission requirements

What we do

We deliver innovative business solutions to help clients and partners optimize scarce resources, in the face of growing requirements, thereby ensuring mission success

How we do it

At the forefront of technological and business innovation, our formula for success includes a light footprint, with a library of tools and resources to prosecute business challenges with speed and precision

Why we do it

Our focus on defense contracting is grounded in the many diverse opportunities to strengthen national security and to keep our families safe

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