Customized and interactive learning management system, building competence for enduring capability

Guided learning for skills, capabilities, and domains to help our employees, customers, and partners succeed.

Comprehensive Learning for Program Success



The foundational scaffold upon which comprehensive learning is built. It is the systematic impartation and acquisition of knowledge, understanding, and skills in a structured environment, guided by a formal curriculum and led by experts or educators. Education serves as the baseline, equipping individuals with theoretical knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and a broadened worldview.

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Moving from the realm of theory to application, capabilities encompass the tangible skills and competencies that an individual can employ in real-world scenarios. It is the ‘how-to’ counterpart to the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of education. Capabilities transform theoretical knowledge into actionable skills, allowing individuals to perform tasks, utilize tools, and navigate challenges with dexterity



The pinnacle of the learning journey, expertise signifies mastery. It’s when an individual not only possesses foundational knowledge and the skill to apply it but has also garnered substantial experience, honed intuition, and a nuanced understanding that sets them apart. Expertise allows for innovative problem-solving, thought leadership, and often, the ability to contribute back to the educational reservoir, training the next generation.

Comprehensive learning leading to program success, ‘Education’ lays the foundational bricks of understanding, upon which ‘Capabilities’ erects a structure of skills, ultimately converging at the summit ‘Expertise’.

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Guided Curriculum Learning

Managers organize learning events for the most targeted and efficient learning experience.

Interactive Learning Experience

Participants can interact with managers and educators to request training, schedule 1:1 instruction, and participate in group Q&A.

A proven solution to meet today’s mission requirements.

Pueo has relied upon the Pueo Academy to build customer competence, awareness, and vendor independence since it was created in 2018. By early 2019 the Pueo Academy hosted over 400 learning events and served as a critical enabler to our service delivery. When COVID curtailed our ability for physical interaction, the Pueo Academy was uniquely suited with video instruction, step-by-step tutorials, educator interaction, and more, to sustain customer learning in virtual and unscheduled environments. As a result, Pueo earned the following government CPARS: “Pueo exceeded our expectations for Data Analysis education.”